Young adults on Instagram |

Young adults on Instagram

Social networking sites are for everyone in any age group. The only problem with old people is that they are old fashioned and doesn’t know how things like that will function. But adults in their 40s and 50s are also engrossed in posting different things on their feed. Most of them are on facebook, since it is the easiest and largest networking site. But, buy Instagram views? It is a different question.

Instagram, if compared to Facebook, has their similarities and differences. Facebook has more features that every age group can access. Instagram is for images and videos posted. A more classy public journal where you post whatever you want. But, majority of Instagram users are adolescents and young adults. Why is that?


There are many reasons why. First, they are the high tech generation. Then, adolescence is the period where everything is in transition so many things are happening: from first crush to friends hangout, even emotional posts about heartbreak, and of course, the 18th birthday debut. In the age of young adults,  it is the time where everything is colorful and rather new. Some are on their college years, some are on their first year of work, but everything is new for them: new people, new environment and new friends. You can afford your own travels, take a picture on each one of them. You can also have a fancy dinner with exquisite looking food that you can take a picture and envy others. Single women who are experiencing all the fanciness they could get will really envy you from their posts coming from classy different places. Couples are also posting their images travelling together, or showing how they celebrated their anniversary or valentines. Anything under the sun is actually posted. Young adults have the time to post and look around; however, adults consume their time on pure work.


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